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Amador County Sheriff Martin Ryan Announces His Retirement

Amador County Sheriff Martin Ryan has announced his plan to retire as the Sheriff of Amador County effective April, 3rd, 2021.


Sheriff Ryan’s career spans 46 years, starting in Amador County. Sheriff Ryan's career started at the Amador County District Attorney’s office where he served for 6 years, he then spent 26 years with the California Department of Justice, the last 7 serving as the Attorney General’s appointed Chief of the California Bureau of Investigation, before returning to Amador County and becoming elected as the Amador County Sheriff in 2006.


Sheriff Ryan has said that the last 15 years have been an amazing and humbling experience. More information on Sheriff Ryan's retirement and plans will be released in the coming weeks. For now, Amador County congradulates and thanks Sheriff Martin Ryan and his family on an amazing career and his pending retirement.



6.3 million Americans are 90 days late on their auto loan payments

Amador county news

Amador County Board Of Supervisors Vote To Suspend Board Chair Frank Axe


The Amador County Board of Supervisors have voted to suspend Board Chair Frank Axe as Chair for sixty days as a reprimand for swearing at a member of the public.  


The vote came after over two hours of public hearing on the pair of incidents, in which Axe replied by email with an indecent suggestion.


Many public speakers condemned Axe for his vulgarity and called for removal as chair or even his resignation from the Board, but an equal number of supporters spoke in his defense, praising Axe’s past work as a Supervisor and calling the push to remove him hypocritical and driven by national politics.  


Axe for his part issued an apology for the incident both written and verbal. The 60 day suspension was suggested by Supervisor Jeff Brown and was approved by a vote of 3-1-1, with Supervisor Richard Forster voting against and Axe abstaining from the vote. Supervisor Pat Crew will serve as Chair during the suspension and chaired the remainder of the meeting.




6.3 million Americans are 90 days late on their auto loan payments



CaLiforia department of corrections

Still No Repairs Planned By CDCR As Contaminants Continue To Spill At Mule Creek State Prison


The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) has reported a spill from Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP) into Mule Creek occurring on Friday, January 22nd and ending on Wednesday, February 3rd.


According to the Governor’s Office Emergency Services Hazardous Materials Spill Reports, an estimated 11,126,134 gallons of stormwater, mixed with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Semi Volatile Organic Compounds (SVOCs), surfactants, oil, grease, metals, inorganic, and nutrients of varying concentrations was released into Mule Creek. These waste-type constituents are at levels that would be expected in wastewater, sewage, and/or gray water containing coliform, fecal coliform, and E. Coli, and were released into Mule Creek when CDCR opened their slide gates.


Since May 25th, 2018, the date when the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) ordered CDCR not to open their slide gates as the stormwater is contaminated, MCSP has spilled an estimated 91,902,338 gallons into Mule Creek. CDCR continues to open its slide gates any time there is .25 inches of rain in less than an hour, in defiance of the RWQCB order.


In all that time, neither the RWQCB nor CDCR have issued a schedule for repairs to end the contamination. In fact, CDCR hasn’t even been issued a fine for known violations occurring during the time period.