VOICE In Ione 2019

Ione City Manager Jon Hanken

Up-To-Date Budget Expenditures

All Funds


(Actual YTD Expenses

Averaged For 12 Months)

City of Iones 2019-2020 Budget

Proposed Budget (All Funds)


$ 6,993,175.81



IONE finance committee MEETING

may 2nd meeting


Regular Agenda

Review of Acturial Table

Review of Reports Generated By New Financial Software

Review of 2017/2018 Audit Findings

Discussion On Interfund Transfers:

Measure M

Horse Arena

Tertiary Plant





IONE finance committee MEETING

august 5th meeting


Regular Agenda

Discusssion On 2019-2020 Fiscal Year Budget

CD Roll Over and Re-investing Policies

Update On Nexus Study

Inter-Fund Borrowing - Limitations On Principle Amounts

Conversion Update

Compensation Study